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Electric Comedy is a sponsor and Comedy Coach for Pro Mindset Academy. Val Douroux, owner of Electric Comedy says:

“Comedy is modern day alchemy. It takes heavy, serious experiences and turns them into light,
healing humor. A little bit of humor goes a long way. It releases tension, creates memorable
impressions, and uplifts the human spirit. When people are laughing, they’re listening. When
they’re listening, they remember you. If you can take the heaviest moments in your life and find
the funny in them, you can accomplish anything and that’s modern-day alchemy.”

Once athletes know how to manage their emotions and have moved from stuck to successful, Val takes the athletes  one step further teaching them how to include joy and humor into their overall athletic experience. You can contact Val at: (818) 245-0390 email: 




Our staff Consist of former Olympians, National team coaches,  college coaches, Elite coaches and JO national team coaches. We also have entertaining warmup, tramp, and dance coaches. When our numbers are big I hire in extra help (more fun coaches).

Camp of Champions Goals
The goal of the camp is to give the athletes the opportunity to work with and socialize with some of the premier coaches and former national and international athletes. We feel that this clinic will benefit the athletes both physically and mentally. During these camps we will provide a high energy and exciting experience for athletes from levels 2-10 Inc excel, introducing new skills and philosophies of training. We hope these camps will have a profound impact, not only in the short term but throughout their gymnastics careers.

We will be adding new locations for next summer and have mini-camp options for just  your gym!


Hello,  My name is Mik Nelke and I hope this message finds you safe in these uncertain times. I am the gymnastics department at Bagjump and writing to inform you of a clean and safe alternative to foam pits called Bagjump.

Bagjump started in 2007. Some of our partners include Woodward, Red Bull, GoPro, Jeep, Sky Zone trampoline park, Nickelodeon, Coca-Cola and Eurotramp.

Chances are there is on of our bags at a facility close to you. Below you’ll find a link to our website as well as information on our antimicrobial topsheet.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have. You can reach me at Mik.Nelke@bagjump.com or on my cell 808-342-6286

                                                 Stay safe

Find more information HERE.

Mik Nelke

Phone: +(808) 342-6286

BAGJUMP Action Sports INC 


“You might be missing one of the most valuable resources in streamlining performance and focus… Your Brain.  That’s right, you might have unknowingly disrupted the connection between your brain and your muscles, thereby decreasing maximum strength, mentality, and overall muscle function. How do you know? …” [Click here to find out more]


Shayli created ShayFit to make strength training convenient and personalized for every situation. Shay has tons of videos showing you exactly how to strengthen different muscle group and get the help you need to be powerful and prepared physically. https://shayfit.com/

Enhance Player Recovery! Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy accelerates repair of damaged tissue, faster recovery to prepare for the next game and makes oxygen and nutriets more available to the entire body. Call 435-218-7260 for your appointment today! https://vibrantyouutah.com/

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Melissa Julien, MJ Photography, captures your athletes greatest moves. Sit back and enjoy the experience of watching your athlete and let Melissa take the pictures for you! CLICK HERE to see her gallery or HERE for short athlete pict video. https://youtu.be/G05-fimpIAw